North-side residing vegans and socially conscious foodies were gutted by the news last December that Christmas Eve was to be the last trading day of Brunswick’s long-running Radical Grocery. As one of the only specialty vegan grocery stores in Melbourne, the question was fearfully asked, “From where do we now get our soy cheese?”

Thankfully, Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery quietly opened its doors in Preston around the same time, and as word spread it is apparent that all those vegan prayers have been swiftly answered.

Run by mother and daughter team Beri Lord and Pearl Sadto, Mad Cowgirls has everything that a vegetarian or vegan could possibly want; the standard soy cheeses and mock meats, coconut-milk yoghurts and ice-cream, cashew creams and nut sauces and of course plenty of Bonsoy. Coeliacs will be pleased to discover that a large proportion of Mad Cowgirls’ stock also happens to be gluten free.

Beyond food, there is also a general cruelty-free section that encompasses personal care such as hair products, soaps, even vegan condoms, as well as ethically sourced and produced jewellery and a range of vegan cookbooks and magazines.

While it has only been open for just under two months, Mad Cowgirls has quickly established itself as a much-needed haven in the vegan community. With the impending opening of The Cruelty Free Shop in Fitzroy within the next few weeks, Melbourne is opening up a new world for alternative diets that, only a decade or two ago, were so restricting.

Mad Cowgirls Vegan Grocery
Shop 2, 93 High Street, Preston
(03) 9943 9184

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