Melbourne’s macaron craze might be influenced by Masterchef, but new patisserie La Belle Miette is only interested in bringing traditional French quality back in vogue.

Opened just three weeks ago, La Belle Miette means ‘small beautiful thing’ in French and it’s attention to small details that is the patisserie’s signature style. “We have used traditional white panelling in the shop, imported Mariage Frères tea and had our macaron presentation boxes designed by local artist Kano Hollamby,” says Maylynn Tsoi, founder of La Belle Miette.

The macarons themselves have unique flavours such as cherry blossom and sake, ginger and macadamia, pink grapefruit and violet and blueberry. “We only use the highest quality ingredients. Our chocolate is cacao berry, for example, which is a single-origin variety from Venezuela,” Maylynn says.

Good quality ingredients are crucial for getting the delicate macaron mixture right. “The mixture needs to flow like magma,” Maylynn explains. “There is a stage where they can be under- or over-mixed and it’s very difficult to get that balance.”

Maylynn has perfected her cooking technique through years of tasting excursions to Paris. “I sample all the pastries at 15 different places every day and I’ve trained in patisserie there,” she adds.

Maylynn also designed La Belle Miette’s elegant interior. Patrons are able to peruse their macaron favourites needly lined up on marble benchtops, while the lace iron tables and white wall panels will remind you of afternoons at grandma’s.

Thanks to La Belle Miette, Melbourne now has its own slice of the Parisian sidewalk.

Macarons are priced at $2.50 each and are gluten free.

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 11am-3pm