Pitmasters at The Que Club will light up the grill and stoke the smokers at the Brunswick East barbeque restaurant for the last time on Sunday June 23.

“After many back and forth conversations with our landlord, a mutually acceptable lease could not be negotiated, so we have made the difficult decision to walk away,” partners Pam Kavanagh and pitmaster Andrew Kavanagh wrote in a post published on The Que Club’s Instagram account.

The restaurant, on the corner of Lygon Street and Stewart Street, dubs itself “a celebration of smoke and fire” and is known for lunchtime burgers and charred, smoky dishes including fried smoked eggplant, smoked pork belly and hanger steaks.

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The team says it plans to “fit as many exciting dinners and events into our remaining six weeks as possible”. They also hint at plans to open a restaurant in a new location. “This isn’t a goodbye to our restaurant, it is a ‘see ya later’,” they wrote.

The Que Club was founded in 2017 and, in addition to the restaurant, has a retail store and cooking school on Syme Street, Brunswick. The store and school will continue to operate as usual and local flame-cooking and smoking enthusiasts can still purchase rubs, bullet smokers, grill scrapers and other tools from The Que Club.

The Que Club restaurant at 434 Lygon Street, Brunswick East, will close after dinner service on Sunday June 23.