Now, for those of you who like a little sugar with your coffee, Broadsheet Cafe has a sweet array of LuxBite macarons to indulge your senses. Providing this sweet touch are owners and chefs of South Yarra’s latest macaron destination, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee. They have even created an exclusive new flavour just for Broadsheet; Heilala Vanilla Crème Brûlée, a play on the classic desert as the crunchy macaron shells are dusted in Heilala Vanilla powder, filled with a creamy caramel butter heavily infused by the vanilla paste. Topping it off with Demerara sugar on the shell to create the classic crème brûlée crunch.

The macaron flavours are different every day, but two of their classics are Toby's Estate mocha, which has coffee flavoured milk chocolate filling, dusted with cocoa powder on the shells just like a real cup of mocha. And the colourful watermelon, stuffed with watermelon yoghurt mousse sandwiched between one pink shell and one green shell, all topped with a few black sesame seeds to look just like a real watermelon. New flavours in yesterday include peanut butter and jelly, which actually tastes just like a sweet sandwich, and passionfruit.

These scrumptious little treats will have you thrilled as the crunchy shell gives way to a creamy sweet filling, so make sure you pick one up with your morning coffee or afternoon tea coffee at the Broadsheet Cafe while you can (only 3 more days).