Do your best to keep pastry flakes out of your keyboard while hitting refresh at the end of the month. Melbourne’s world famous Lune Croissanterie will start taking bookings on Tuesday November 28 for its upcoming December, February and March sittings of Lune Lab.

At Lune Lab sessions – which sell out immediately – guests sit at a private bar overlooking “the Cube”, the climate-controlled pastry temple at the centre of the Fitzroy bakery.

Tickets include a flight of three pastries that begins with Lune’s award-winning traditional croissant followed by sweet and savoury options. Each course is served straight from the oven by Lune’s bakers and pastry chefs.

Head baker Kate Reid uses the sittings to test drive her experimental pastries before they go on sale to the general public.

The current menu, which runs until the end of December, includes a rillette danish and an ice-cream sandwich.

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While the croissanterie itself will be open, Lune Lab won’t run during January. It restarts in February 2018 with a new menu.

Tickets for December, February and March go on sale Tuesday November 28 at 7.30pm, via the Lune site.

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