On Saturday morning, residents of Rose Street, Fitzroy, woke up to an odd sight. By 8am, a line of 100 punters (give or take) had taken shape down the street. When the thunder rang out and it started bucketing rain, the umbrellas went up, but the queue stayed put.

That’s nothing though – the first croissant enthusiasts actually arrived at 3.30am on Saturday.

It’s a new phenomenon for the neighbourhood, but this is a return to normal for Lune Croissanterie’s founder, Kate Reid. At Lune’s previous location in Elwood, a tiny takeaway window that opened in 2012, her customers were willing to wait up to three hours for her croissants.

That said, some things have changed. Back in Elwood’s miniature kitchen, Kate and her brother Cam were only able to produce 400 croissants a day. Now, in the enormous Fitzroy premises, and with upgraded, top-of-the-line baking equipment, she was initially aiming to produce 700. On Saturday morning, they managed a slightly staggering 800, and still sold out by 10.30am (after two-and-a-half hours of trading). Kate says that next week, she hopes to increase that output by another 50 to 100 pastries.

Kate says the twice-baked croissants were the first to fly out the door both mornings: coconut and pandan on the Saturday, and cookies and cream on the Sunday.

“Also the kouign-amanns sold out in 15 to 20 minutes,” Kate says. She became addicted to the spiral pastries, with many delicate layers of butter and sugar baked throughout, during her time in Paris. “They’re really unassuming-looking pastries.”

If you haven’t experienced Lune, you’re likely wondering: are they actually that good? It depends. Are they magical? Will one bite transport you to a celestial paradise of rainbows and happy elves? No. They’re croissants. But if you want to know how excellent a croissant can be – it’s worth getting in the queue.

Online bookings for November and December sessions of the ‘Lune Lab’ – a three-course pastry experience that can accommodate only nine people each day – open to the public at 7.30pm, Friday November 13

Lune Croissanterie
119 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Sat & Sun 8am until sold out