There have been some exciting developments at Kate Reid’s croissant temple in December.

For the first time, her Lune Croissanterie is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and serving “a very pared- back take away menu through a little- converted hatch in the front wall of the shop,” Reid says. It’s “a bit of a nod to our Elwood heritage,” she adds, referring to Lune’s early days serving pastries out of a tiny, consistently overrun shop-front by the bay.

The second December launch has been years in the making.

Last week, Lune debuted its “Ice Cream Sandwich”, a special summer collaboration with Piccolina Gelateria.

The “bread” is a new take on the traditional Lune croissant pastry.

The texture is a bit different,” Reid explains. “The layering is less uniform and the gaps are smaller, making it softer, spongier and more akin to a brioche, perfect for soaking up melting ice-cream.”

The “filling” is Piccolina’s hazelnut gelato topped with a drizzle of the gelateria’s house-made “Better Than Nutella” chocolate sauce.

“We added chopped hazelnut into Piccolina’s version of Nutella. It’s a bit like the outer shell of a Ferrero Roche,” Reid adds.

The “Ice Cream Sandwich” made an appearance earlier this year as part of the Lune Lab (– a monthly croissant degustation where Reid’s team tests new creations before they’re released to the public –) but with its own parfait. The concept was a success, but Reid didn’t have the capacity or expertise to produce the amount of high- quality ice- cream required to meet general public demand.

“So we decided to treat gelato like any of our “raw” ingredients and source the best,” she says. “Piccolina operates with a very similar philosophy to Lune; good quality ingredients and perfecting the simple and classic flavours.”

And Hazelnut is only the beginning.

“We will rotate flavours every few weeks from now until the end of February,” Reid says. “I’d love to pair a coconut gelato with pandan, perhaps a fior di latte with a berry or stone fruit.”

*The hazelnut “Ice Cream Sandwich” will be available until Christmas. *

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