Mile End Bagels names all its creations by number. Its latest, The #9, is a limited-edition marriage of two unlikely influences: party dip and kimchi.

“No matter where you are, sweet-chilli Philly always ends up the favourite dip at a party,” says Ben Vaughan, part-owner of the Fitzroy bagel shop. “So when we started brainstorming the fillings for a new bagel, we began at sweet-chilli Philly and somehow ended up in kimchi territory. Whatever happened along the way, it’s definitely a combination that works.”

The dish begins with a bagel slathered with chilli sauce and Philadelphia cream cheese with chives. Next, rare-roasted beef is added before the sandwich is finished off with fried shallots, crushed peanuts and a generous serve of kimchi.

Vaughan says the mix of sweet and spice, and the crunch of the kimchi and crushed peanuts, gives the sandwich a pleasing texture. “It really has that springtime vibe,” he says. “Perfect for when the sun’s out and you’re kicking back with an iced filter coffee.”

The rest of Mile End Bagels’ menu is just as diverse. There are bagels with cream cheese, tomato, basil oil and cracked pepper; wood-fired beetroot, avocado, cashew cream cheese and butter lettuce; and peanut butter, raspberry jam and salted peanuts.

As is the case for all Mile End Bagels’ creations, the owners introduced The # 9 to offer a new flavour profile.

“We wanted to give our existing customers something different, and get some new people in to try it out, too,” says Vaughan. “We think it really rounds out our menu.”

For those keen to attempt it at home, Vaughan has some pointers on how to perfect the whipped cream cheese.

“It’s all about getting the right texture,” he says. “We use commercial machinery at Mile End, but I think a Kitchen Aid or something similar could be effective when whipping through the chilli sauce and chives. You want to get soft peaks similar to those when making meringue. It should be hanging off the beater, but still a little firm.”

Vaughan says the offering is ideal for lunch.“We’ve noticed that people now have the same expectations – and want the same experience for breakfast, lunch or dinner,” he says. “For lunch, our aim is to serve intense flavours in one dish because most people don’t have time to sit down with share plates and graze. It has to be short, but oh so sweet.”

Update: This item is no longer available in-store. Here's how to make Mile End Bagels’ The #9 at home.

The #9
Makes one bagel.

1 bagel, sliced in half and toasted
200g Philadelphia cream cheese
Two generous slices of rare roast beef
Generous serve of kimchi
Handful of fried shallots and crushed peanuts
Big squeeze of chilli sauce
Bunch of chives, roughly chopped

Put the chilli sauce, chives, and Philadelphia cream cheese into a mixer and whip until the cream cheese softens. Schmear the mixture on both sides of your bagel. Add roast beef, kimchi, shallots and peanuts.

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