Eating lunch at your desk is hardly a very pleasurable experience, but sometimes heading out just isn’t an option. You could be pressed for time, bombarded with work, or maybe it’s just raining cats and dogs out. Luckily, there are some pretty neat lunchboxes around town that will deliver right to your desk.

Goldilocks Lunch Box

For those who like a bit of variety at mealtime, Goldilocks Lunch Box deliver home made lunches filled with market fresh ingredients to a different theme each week. One week you’ll be feasting on a Vietnamese-inspired box with a bánh mi roll, some lychees and coconut sticky rice, the next week you’ll receive a Tour de France lunch box delivery with a camembert baguette, Crepe Suzette and a mushroom and goats cheese tart. Lunch boxes are $15 each or $55 for a four week round. Delivery to the inner north is on Wednesdays and to the CBD on Thursdays.

The Odd Pod

Tahl Katz is the man behind this lunch oddity, combining his background in transport and logistics with his love for food. He buys his ingredients from the South Melbourne market, chops it all up into a variety of salads, and delivers straight to your office. He even packages the dressing in separate containers so it arrives nice and crisp, and keeps garlic to a minimum (to prevent smelly office encounters). The Hola Chica is one of the more popular salad choices, a Mexican number that packs a punch with chili lime dressing over chicken, tomato, black beans, corn, feta and a few corn chips for crunch. Salad prices range from $11.50 to $15.50.


Tiffins Melbourne uses an old Bombay tradition of families bringing workers their lunches in airtight thermal containers called tiffins, which keep the meal hot until it’s eaten. Lunch meals are delivered via couriers on tricycles and you can choose between a vegetarian curry and a meat curry that change daily, and come with dhal, rice and naan (at an affordable price of $12). If you choose to purchase your tiffin container (for $18), they will also swap them with each subsequent order, meaning that you’re cutting down on your lunchtime wastage by using reusable containers. Tiffins currently deliver to the CBD from Monday through to Friday and can arrange delivery of group orders of 15 or more outside of the CBD.

Good Freakin Food

Good Freakin Food is the making of vegan enthusiast Jacq Lamberti. Taking inspiration from her Italian family heritage and a ‘garden to plate’ philosophy, Lamberti’s aim for her business is to create quality food and share her love for vegan living with others. Each meal is hand made from a mixture of fresh produce; typically of the organic, vegan, local, fair trade, super food variety. Lunch is delivered every Wednesday between 11am and 1pm with a choice of a lunchbox for $12 or a meal deal box, which will generally consist of two salads, one bake or stew, a super food dessert and a smoothie, juice or coconut water for $20.

Sticky Fingers Bakery

We couldn’t forget the sweet tooths. So Sticky Fingers Bakery wraps up our list of faithful lunch deliverers. Their cakes are made from organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible and are piped with precision with bright icing. The flavours are fairly unusual - Choc Cherry Cola, Passiona & White Chocolate, Pina Colada, Aztec Chocolate, Blueberry Pancakes and Lemon Curd to name a few. Cakes start at $65, or a 12-pack of cupcakes will cost you $65, including delivery. If your boss’ birthday is coming up, why not have some baked sweets delivered and earn yourself some extra brownie points (pardon the pun).