Tap beer is, ostensibly, the exact same stuff as what you buy in a can or bottle.

But seasoned pub barnacles know there’s something special about draught. Watching it cascade into a crisp, pre-chilled glass. Delicately caressing your top lip with its perfect foamy head. Slowly inhaling its dank, hoppy aroma as your nose dips inside the glass.

Draught beer tastes like endless weekends. Like hours of frivolous banter and piss-taking. Like laughter, mateship and the cessation of everyday worries. It is life.

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Good news, readers. If you live in Abbotsford, you can now have this experience at home, courtesy of the crew at good times rock’n’roll bar Lulie.

This Friday from 5pm to 11pm, owners Jon-Lee Farrell and Brendan Kennedy will be driving around the neighbourhood in a VW van containing a keg of Bodriggy pale ale, a keg of Guinness, a stack of pre-made Negronis, several bottles of Jameson whiskey and proper glassware to serve it all in.

“We want it to be as legit as possible,” Farrell says.

Order ahead and they’ll stop by your place, pour some drinks to order, then trundle off into the night. You can keep the glassware, or reuse it next time. This is a trial run of sorts, and if it goes well, the duo will consider adding nearby suburbs and extra days (Wednesday and Saturday, perhaps).

“We think we’ll do Collingwood as well, because people have been asking us,” Farrell says. “We gotta do what we gotta do, for the people.”

We reckon it will go well – Lulie has a fierce local following and received 25 orders within four hours of posting about Lulie’s Van With a Can.

To request a delivery, send your name, address, mobile number and order through Instagram DMs, or text 0437 626 885. The team will write back with an estimated delivery time. Orders must be submitted by 5pm, this Thursday April 23. Max four beers or two cocktails per person.

Pint of Bodriggy Utropia pale ale – $10
Pint of Guinness draught – $10
Double serve of batched Negroni – $16
Shot of Jameson in a Lulie shot glass (yours to keep) – $10