Nestled within the bustling South Melbourne Market, Stall 56 has become a designer slice of healthy paradise.

Happy Place, a slick new juice bar and cafe, is the crystallisation of popular nutritionist and bestselling author Lola Berry’s holistic wellness philosophy, which promotes common-sense healthy eating and exercise.

A collaboration between Berry and friend Salvatore Malatesta of St ALi, the Happy Place menu is centred on wholesome ingredients and is impressively accommodating to special dietary requirements.

Offerings include 12 seasonally rotating smoothies customisable with four milk (or mylk) alternatives; cold-pressed juices; and a cabinet brimming with raw paleo treats. There’s also a bone broth – not a bad idea mid-winter.

There’s no coffee at all, although you can order from a rainbow of alternatives; including beetroot or turmeric lattes.

Plenty of portable salad options, including umami-nirvana The Emmami, which combines purple kale, cured salmon, tangy green apple and bonito flakes with a drizzle of miso dressing and tendrils of radish sprouts, give people a convenient, healthy takeaway option to make sad desk lunch a little happier.

Happy Place
Stall 56 at South Melbourne Market
Corner of Cecil and Coventry Streets, South Melbourne

Mon to Sun 7am–5pm