Little Wish opened just before Christmas in the arcade at 530 Little Collins Street. The arcade is full of tiny food outlets and cafes but Little Wish is a (little) open space and when you find it you can’t help but feel you’re walking into someone’s kitchen, and it’s a place you feel very welcome.

The tiny space houses about 12 stools with bench space and a whisper of a kitchen where sandwiches and salads are produced for the lunch trade. Along the back wall is where the coffee action happens. Joseph Haded of Eclipse Cafe on Flinders Lane is behind this specialty coffee haunt and his manager Remy Shpayzer, who worked for Haded at Eclipse, is a trusted guide through the coffee of the day (COD), the House Blend or the Single Origin. These are all available by espresso, pour over or cold drip but part of the fun with any specialty coffee cafe is to let the staff guide you.

It’s our wish that Little Wish sticks around; it’s great to have specialty coffee in this part of the city.

Little Wish
530 Little Collins Street Melbourne
(03) 9621 1013

Mon–Fri 6.30am–5pm

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