When Little Creatures Dining Hall opened in 2008, it was a blessing for fans of the West Australian brewery. For many others, the high-ceilinged warehouse was their first introduction to craft beer.

Now, seven years on, the venue has announced it will close. The final drinks will be poured in the last week of January. “We had a vision to grow Little Creatures in Victoria and give beer drinkers a little piece of Fremantle to call their own,” says Ash Cranston, the brand’s marketing manager. “In that time we’ve welcomed over two million people through the doors, served countless pots of Pale Ale and more bowls of hand-cut frites than we could ever have imagined.”

Despite this success, the company has decided to focus on the Little Creatures site in Geelong, which opened in December 2013. Before Christmas, it will shift the White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville to the same spot, creating a mini precinct replete with a barrel hall, canteen, pop-up craft markets and an outdoor cinema.

“With Geelong, we have a great opportunity to continue this success in Victoria with the vision to create the most unique and engaging Brewery Village on the east coast,” Cranston says. “We’ll still be up in Melbourne regularly and you’ll be able to see us at craft-beer festivals and events throughout the year, with the odd pop-up event for all to come and say hi again.” The Dining Hall will also host a closing party.

Little Creatures Dining Hall will close in the last week of January, 2016.

Little Creatures Dining Hall
222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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