From the minute you push through spaghetti western saloon doors, Little Blood Tequila Bar brings a whole new experience to Mexico’s national drink.

Perched above Brunswick Street’s Kodiak Bar, Little Blood’s warm, candlelit interior is decorated with Mariachi sombreros hung from the ceiling, posters of famous 1960s Mexican luchador (traditional wrestler) ‘El Santo’ and comfortable corner hammocks transports you to another world.

Oh, and did we mention the tequila?

Little Blood’s favourite tequila is Tequila Tromba. From the highlands of Mexico, it forms the backbone of most of Little Blood’s cocktail menu. Our personal favourite is the deliciously, smooth shot of blanco tequila with chipotle pepper-infused sangrita (meaning ‘little blood’) on the side, which gives the bar it’s name.

With a vast array of tequilas, cocktails and beers including Tecate and Pacifico, you can spend anything from $6 to $40 per drink depending on your tastes. As for eats, Little Blood’s two American chefs create a new menu weekly with a choice of Mexican light bites, including fresh taquitos, tostadas, corn chips and dips.

So if you’re after something a little different, head down to Fitzroy for the real tequila experience. While you’re there, remember to ask the bar staff how much they bribed local Mexican law enforcement to get the mariachi sombreros off the docks in Tijuana. True story.

Little Blood
Level 1, 272 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
0431 947 910

Thur & Fri 7pm–1am
Sat 7pm–3am