There’s nothing that kills a party faster than the moment the last beer is drained. Liquorun has been solving this conundrum for those who live in inner-Melbourne by delivering alcohol and cigarettes well into the night. But booze wasn’t all people wanted.

“We’ve had a lot of requests to deliver weed and burgers. We couldn’t really move forward with the weed, so the next best option was burgers,” says Joel Macdonald, who started Liquorun with Melbourne Football Club teammates James Strauss and Rohan Bail last year. Liquorun has started delivering fast food from Huxtaburger, Fonda, Acland Street Cantina, Boston Sub and Mr Burger. “We started testing a few menus to see if it would be viable and it blew up,” says Macdonald. “Now we’re catching up to the demand.”

It’s not just hungry Melburnians they are doing favours for. “Restaurants have approached us because they want to deliver to a wider area but delivery costs are a nightmare for them. We take the hassle out by sharing delivery in a really affordable way,” Macdonald says.

Although Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, Monday comes close behind. “We also get busy mums with a couple of kids who might not be able to get out of the house to get food,” he says. Offices are starting to take notice too, ordering celebratory bottles of Moët at lunch. “We also deliver fresh juices for your hangover on Sunday morning,” laughs Macdonald.

Liquorun has collated data from its eight months in operation and found clear neighbourhood preferences. "Fitzroy likes craft beer, vodka is popular in South Yarra and cigarettes in Richmond," he said.

“Peroni is Melbourne's favourite beer, being far and away the most requested beer brand by both the case and six pack."

Next stop is Sydney and Brisbane, Liquorun hopes to open a branch in one or both cities by the end of the year.

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