Back for its second year at the Melbourne Writers' Festival, Liner Notes is again paying tribute to a classic album. In an ode to an Australian great, this year event hands INXS’s 1987 megahit Kick over to a bawdy crew of spoken-word artists, comedians and word performers.

Each performer has been assigned one song from the album to cover and there are some uncanny pairings on the list. How about Catherine Deveny performing Devil Inside or The Bedroom Philosopher’s Justin Heazlewood taking on New Sensation? Also amongst those on the bill are singer Angie Hart, poet Ken Arkind and New Matilda’s Ben Pobjie. We’re a little disappointed that the late-album track Calling All Nations has been left off the list, which means no one will have to utter the line, “Take the chains from your feet and do the sex dance ‘cause it’s necessary,” but there are still plenty of lustful lyrics to give the Writers Fest a rosy tint.

The real reason for the choice of album is clearly the chance to dress up, however. Last year the event’s organisers – and rather enthusiastic participants – Sean M Whelan, Emilie Zoey Baker and MC Michael Nolan (note: not Mike Nolan of Bucks Fizz) tackled Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours in full, flowing garb, while previous incarnations of Liner Notes have included Michael Jackson’s Thriller and The Cure’s Head On The Door. Oh yes, leather pants will abound.

Melbourne Writers' Festival presents Liner Notes: INXS’s Kick at The Toff in Town on Thursday September 3. Doors from 8pm.

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