Kevin Dick, meat expert and brains behind popular roaming kitchen Limp Brisket, has long-immersed himself in perfecting his spin on succulent Texas-inspired barbeque. That means he’s learnt which cuts of meat are best loved by customers. At the top? Beef short ribs.

“It’s one of those things people go crazy for,” says Dick, whose kitchen has just permanently set up shop in Brunswick’s Bar Texaco. “When it’s on the menu, it sells out very fast.”

We’re putting Dick’s knowledge and Bar Texaco to expert use with a two week-long collaboration on a special menu item – a top-quality beef short rib drizzled with an exclusive sauce that heroes the smoky-sweet Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce.

The dish is based on a grass-fed beef short rib from Cape Grim’s sister company Bass Strait. “They’re the best beef ribs on the market, for price,” says Dick. “The marble scoring is great and it’s a grass-fed product, so you’re really getting the flavour of beef.”

From there Bar Texaco uses a central Texas-style salt and pepper rub that uses a fruity fresh-cracked black pepper before smoking the meat over native ironbark for six to eight hours. They then let it rest before carving off generous short rib cuts and drizzling it with a brightly coloured “Carolina BBQ sauce” made by combining Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ Sauce with American mustard and vinegar.

“You get the sweetness from the BBQ sauce and the acidity from the mustard and the vinegar,” says Dick. “And that marries really well with the fatty richness of a premium beef short rib.” Customers also get a ramekin of Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ sauce on the side, for adding to the meat or just sampling on its own. “It brings the sweetness and smokiness to balance out the flavour,” he says of the Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce.

After years spent as a chef at Stokehouse and Three One Two and as part of the opening team for Cutler & Co. – plus a stint in London working for renowned chef Mark Hix – Dick decided to learn everything there is to know about authentic barbeque.

He founded Limp Brisket, which quickly graduated from catering to in-demand kitchen residencies at The Hack in Port Melbourne and The Gem in Collingwood. After what he describes as four years of practice – including selling literally tonnes of meat at the Royal Melbourne Show – he and his partner Sheree Dylan saw opening their own business as the obvious next step.

While Covid pushed back the original opening of Bar Texaco from March until November, Dick is chuffed to now be able to “offer something that’s truly representative of our brand” right down to the bar.

Dick and Dylan envisioned “a more elegant style of Tex-Mex” that extends from barbeque and smoked meats to burgers and other sandwiches. Paying homage to that bountiful Tex-Mex overlap with its name, Bar Texaco makes its tortillas fresh by hand every day and stocks the bar with a strong roster of mezcal and bourbon.

Then there is Betty, a mobile burner imported from Georgia, USA, that holds a prized position in the courtyard smoking meat over ironbark on a daily basis.

“It’s like heaven,” says Dick of the meat Betty produces. “It’s so delicious, you just want more.”

The beef short rib is available from Bar Texaco from December 2-18, 2020.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce, available at major supermarkets in the sauce aisle.