According to the nursery rhyme, the Little Boy Blue who looks after the sheep was fast asleep under a haystack. But the boy has since awoken and come to blow his horn at an all-day eatery in the leafy suburb of Kew.

Owner/chef Joshua Clarke has drawn upon his years of experience in the kitchen to create a casual yet sophisticated kitchen and bar. Lil Boy Blue has jumped in the deep end, opening their doors seven days a week in time for the post school drop-off coffee, right through to dinner and cocktails.

Clarke and his team have created a contemporary, European-style space that holds onto the integrity of the heritage listed building, without dipping into the industrial genre. Paying homage to the cafe’s namesake, details such as a brass horn mounted to the wall, blue water glasses and a sketch of a little boy by local artist Conrad Bizjak hint at the deep level of consideration that has gone into the polished interior.

Other details include delicate blue tile displays, two living vertical gardens, various ornate light fixtures and custom made furniture.

Upstairs there are tables available for bookings and a private sunroom for those wanting a more intimate setting.

Floating from the kitchen are dishes from an extensive menu featuring simple, modern Australian food. Intriguing breakfast combinations such as a jaffle filled with baked beans, cold smoked streaky bacon, smoked maple syrup and fontina are sure to fill grumbling winter bellies. Nibbles and larger plates are on offer later in the day and into the night and for the sweet tooths, the front cabinet is full of baked sweets from Le Madre.

With Allpress coffee on offer and an endless local supplier list, Lil Boy Blue is sure to be herding in the flocks.

Lil Boy Blue
309 High Street, Kew
(03) 9853 5003

Mon 8am–4pm
Tues to Sat 8am–11pm
Sun 8am–4pm