Last week something very curious appeared on both Ben Shewry and Lune’s Instagram pages: a cryptic, heart-in-your-mouth video montage teasing a collaboration between Shewry’s fine diner Attica and Kate Reid’s Fitzroy-based croissanterie. But the details were scant.

“DAVE IS COMING”, the caption read.

We wondered who Dave was. And now we know.

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Dave’s identity was revealed on Saturday in a rousing Instagram video (scored by Handel’s Messiah) that affirmed the Attica and Lune teams’ culinary and cinematic chops.

As the post caption and video both make clear, Dave is “the mega pastry pudding you never knew you wanted”, made at Attica with a Lune croissant pastry base.

The footage tracks the plump, golden, circular pastry as it’s brushed with finger-lime jam, dotted with candied native fruits (quandongs, riberries, desert limes and rainforest cherries), and doused with lush, undulating custard. (“Excellent custard choreography,” one commenter astutely observed.)

Dave looks like a dish worthy of its introduction. But then again, after watching the mesmerising video on loop for a few minutes, we’re left wondering which is the greater masterpiece: the dish itself or the video?

Dave will make its debut on the Attica at Home takeaway menu on May 5. It costs $70 and serves up to six people, and can be eaten heated or at room temperature. Only six will be made each day. Delivery to select suburbs is available.