One of Smith Street’s most exciting new entries last year was Lee Ho Fook, a mod-Chinese diner showcasing the many talents of chef Victor Liong.

Now, Lee Ho Fook is getting ready to pack up and move into the city, with a new warehouse space on Duckboard Place picked out. Techne Architects will fit the space out; it will be more ‘design’ than Collingwood. “I wish I could tell you more, but at this stage, I can’t even imagine where I’m going to put the kitchen,” explains Liong.

While it’s certain that Lee Ho Fook will be moving into the city, what will happen with the Smith Street site remains unclear. “We might do a Lee Ho Fook ‘lite’, or we might make it a little bit more street in Collingwood and more of a restaurant in the city,” reveals Liong.

Lee Ho Fook’s team is aiming for an August opening, but an October launch might be more likely. In the meantime, Liong will continue serving up his inventive Chinese cuisine in Collingwood.

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