The Leaf Store in Elwood has been a local haven for high-quality fresh fruit and vegetable lovers for five years now.

The store has garnered a loyal following for their diverse range of products, which has grown extensively since the completion of their recent renovations. With an online store launching in November, a fully functioning florist just a hop skip and a jump down the road and 50 per cent more floor space, Leaf has certainly grown quickly.

“The online store is going to be an extension of what we are doing here at Leaf,” says owner and founder Leon Mugavin.

Online foodies will be able to select from over 800 products that are lovingly prepared and packed on site at the Elwood store, improving the overall experience that Mugavin and his team hope to create for regulars and newcomers alike.

But if you can get to the store in person, do. It’s worth the travel. Everything in the store is grown, harvested, selected and prepared by people who care and the passion that goes into the running and maintaining of the business is evident.

Prior to the extension, The Leaf Florist that was a just small collection of flowers in the store. Now it has its own dedicated space, where florist manager, Dani will be offering an array of creative arrangements.

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Leaving more room for produce at the existing store, locals are being even more spoilt for choice with a wide and unique array of fruit, vegetables, herbs, cheeses, breads, deli cuts, pantry essentials, gourmet ingredients and delicious readymade meals.

There’s also an abundance of foods catering to different dietary requirements. Indeed, The Leaf Store has a little something for everyone and we look forward to taste-testing our way through the store.

111-113 Ormond Road, Elwood
(03) 9531 6542

Mon to Thurs 6am–8pm
Fri to Sun 7am–7pm