The fact that La Tortilleria, a tiny Mexican bakery and authentic taqueria in Kensington, makes amazing tortillas is no secret. But Grandma Pina’s Flan, a delicious meeting of Spanish and French cuisine, definitely is.

Grandma Pina began working in her family’s restaurant at the age of four. Her parents sat her on a stack of wooden boxes and instructed her to man the till. She learned her craft at the hands of her own grandmother, a master in the kitchen, and passed it down the generations.

Her grandson, Gerardo Lopez, brought the recipe with him to Australia, where it’s put to good use as the final act of the Mexican festín.

Grandma Pina's Flan

What you’ll need:

375ml of condensed milk
375ml of evaporated milk
250g of thickening cream
4 eggs
¾ cup raw sugar (may vary depending on the size of cake tin)


Set the oven to 170 degrees. Blend the condensed milk, evaporated milk, thickening cream and eggs together until the mixture is smooth with no lumps.

Pour the sugar into the bottom of a cake tin, enough to spread evenly across the bottom at about half a centimetre thick. Put the cake tin over medium heat until the sugar 'melts' into a dark-brown syrup. Gently pour the creamy mix on top of the melted sugar.

Cover the top of the cake tin with aluminum foil and put the tin into a larger container filled with water and into the oven so it cooks bain-marie style.

Cook in the oven for two hours. You can tell it's ready when you shake the tin and the flan moves in one movement like jelly, without ripples.