Kloopr is a new online food-delivery platform that strives to provide a more sustainable service for restaurants, consumers and delivery drivers while giving back to less-fortunate members of the community.

It works in a similar way to other food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. To use it punters download the app, select menu items from a range of restaurants, proceed through the checkout and have food delivered to their homes. So far around 30 restaurants in Melbourne have become Kloopr merchants, including Tiamo, China Bar, Drumplings and TuanTuan.

At the moment, Kloopr offers the lowest delivery fee in Australia – you’ll pay just $3.50 rather than the $5 to $8 charged by other online delivery services. A portion of the delivery fee is given to Food Bank Victoria, which allows the charity to provide one meal for a person in need.

“We wanted to provide convenience and affordability for the whole community and not take a big cut from all parties,” Kloopr co-founder Joe Wee Lim tells Broadsheet. Lim has been developing the platform for 10 months with co-founder Brian Foong.

As reported by Broadsheet, some restaurants struggle to make a profit after delivery services take their 30 to 35 per cent cut of the bill.

Kloopr cuts that rate significantly, only taking a 15 to 20 per cent cut from participating restaurants – it’s the lowest rate in Australia.

“We want to give the control back to the restaurants and empower everyone involved,” says Lim.

Lim aims to do that by giving restaurants more autonomy. Restaurants can serve menus designed specifically for the app. Dishes come bundled in slightly discounted “combos” with limited portions. The idea is that the system will allow restaurants to minimise food wastage and increase their profits.

People delivering food by foot, bike or vehicle (the company calls them Klooprs) are still employed as contractors – the same system that saw Foodora accused of “sham contracting”. But on average they will receive 30 to 50 cents more per delivery than they do from Uber Eats. Klooprs can view available jobs and see how much they’ll earn before accepting a delivery. They can also select jobs that suit their routes and schedules, rather than being assigned a job.

“We want to provide transparency for the Klooprs so they know exactly how much they’ll be making just by travelling to their destination,” says Lim.

Online delivery platforms have become increasingly popular. Research by finder.com.au found that Australians are spending $2.6 billion per year on delivery platforms.

Kloopr has plans to roll its platform out in other states at the end of next year. You can download the app at kloopr.com.

Additional reporting by Anna Murphy.