The Kettle Black’s first trick was bringing restaurant-quality cuisine to breakfast. Now the guys behind Top Paddock are trying another: selling its hugely popular breakfast fare by night.

Starting this week, The Kettle Black is launchings a series of Friday services, adapting its menu to suit dinner. “All of us have come from nights, all the kitchen staff, all the front of house staff. Every now and then you just miss it,” says co-owner and head chef Jesse McTavish. “We’ve got all this beautiful produce, and we present it on a cafe menu. We’ve got to get this out at night-time, because I know I’d love to sit down and have it.”

Dishes will be in keeping with the daytime fare, letting the availability of seasonal produce dictate menu design. Geoff Newing from Dromana Bay is delivering a bag of fresh mussels, and his fisherman have been instructed to get out on the water. “Whatever they catch, that’s what we’ll be putting on the menu,” McTavish says. “And I’ve got a wallaby being shot today down on Flinders Island.”

Ben Clarke is putting together a succinct wine list of five reds, five whites, most of which will be Australian. “The Paradigm Hill Pinot, for instance, is a cracker,” says McTavish. “A smokin’ wine.”

Walk-ins are, for the moment, a no-go, and bookings need to be made via Kim Sheridan at McTavish wagers The Kettle Black nights are likely to be just as busy as Kettle Blacks days: “We don’t open quiet cafes, for some reason.”

The Kettle Black will run dinner service every Friday, beginning on November 28, from 6pm to 11pm.