Copper Pot Seddon, the small neighbourhood restaurant that routinely draws guests from around Melbourne, is closing for good on October 1, just a couple of months shy of its eighth birthday.

Chef Ashley Davis and his wife and business partner Janine Davis announced the news today.

“Copper Pot Seddon has been a labour of love and an extraordinary journey of flavours, creativity and camaraderie,” Davis said in a statement. “We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together, and we feel it’s the right time to gracefully exit while at the peak of our success.

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“Our focus is now shifting towards our family and to see what new opportunities are out there.”

Copper Pot has had a proudly pan-European focus from day one, with a menu where Catalonian-style octopus, linguine and duck terrine all happily coexisted. To celebrate closing on their own terms, Copper Pot’s final month of trade is doing one last victory lap around Europe. The “best-of” Road Trip degustation menu will run for all of September, celebrating the bistro, cantina and trattoria-style dishes that became the restaurant’s calling card. Expect all of Copper Pot’s hits from over the years, from current classics to archived favourites.

“We want to celebrate our time at Copper Pot Seddon by taking a trip down memory lane with our customers,” said Janine Davis. “This road trip is our way of saying thank you for the incredible support and memories we’ve shared together.”

Copper Pot’s space has changed hands, and the premises will become something new soon. For now though, the next month is about commemorating a restaurant that effortlessly walked the line between critical acclaim and local love.

“The pot is by nature an instrument within which all combinations of food are made to create something great,” Davis told Broadsheet in 2015, in the lead-up to opening. Over eight years and countless services, that’s exactly what he did.