When Joey Smalls opened its upbeat modern-Scandinavian-cross-American-diner-style bar in May, it mentioned that “someone we all know” would be welcomed into its kitchen in due course.

Broadsheet has now confirmed that this Thursday Joey Smalls will welcome an established Melbourne favourite to its menu: the Huxtaburger.

For three years now, Huxtaburger has played an influential role in the city’s burger revolution, with its sweet brioche bun and quality grass-fed Wagyu patties.

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The recent success of Brunswick’s Joey Smalls appealed to the gang at Huxtaburger, so a collaboration with the bar seemed like a great next step for it.

“Great food should always team with great aesthetics, atmosphere and drinks, and that is exactly what the boys at Joey Smalls have created. It’s a great fit and we’re excited about it,” says Huxtaburger’s Daniel Wilson.

The crew at Joey Smalls is just as excited about the new alliance, which will bring even more American-diner flare to its bustling new space.

“We knew that to complete the experience we needed to provide something special in the food area, and where else could we go than Huxtaburger for the perfect combination,” says co-owner of Joey Smalls, Steve Costa.

Joey Smalls will serve the Denise, Clair and Sondra burgers from open until late (Thursday to Sunday). Takeaway Huxtaburgers will also be available until around 8.30pm.