If you’ve eaten a bunch of Jimmy Grants’ souvlaki, you probably know the feeling when you get to the end and think – where did it go?

You’re obviously not the only one because George Calombaris’s Athenian souvlaki bar has decided to up the portion sizes: your favourite souva can now be upsized to an “Almighty”.

The additional sizing choice was spurred on after feedback from customers who wanted more out of their souvlaki.
 Daniela Brown from Jimmy Grants says customers found “one souvlaki wasn’t enough and two was just a little much”. So Jimmy Grants decided to create a whole new size option, to “find that happy medium”.

The pita wrap used to make a regular souvlaki measures 17 centimetres in diameter, while the Almighty measures 21 centimetres. (Think of it as 23 per cent more lamb and fries).

Almighty options are available for all souvas on the menu, except for the “Kalamata Kid”, which is available in one size only.

As well as the new size option, Jimmy Grants has added a new flavour to its Melbourne menu: The Americano is filled with beef short rib, barbeque sauce, mustard aioli, pickles and hot chips.

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You’ll notice Choc-top Baklavas (a scoop of baklava ice-cream, covered in chocolate with caramel sauce) has been added to the dessert menu, and there’s three new cocktails on the list too: The Frappe Martini (Kahlua, Amaretto, vodka, coffee syrup), Negroni (Martini Rosso, Campari and gin) and the Cosmo with a Twist (Cointreau, vodka, blackberry). The cocktails aren’t available at The Emporium store.

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