Pho Nom owner-chef Jerry Mai and Rani Doyle of the National Hotel in Richmond are launching a new restaurant, Annam.

Named after a region in Vietnam, the new venture will offer a broader experience of Vietnamese cuisine than Pho Nom does.

"The thing I’m most excited about is sharing the food from my family table," Mai tells Broadsheet. "The set up at Annam will allow me to serve so many more dishes that wouldn’t work on the smaller menu at Pho Nom. I can’t wait. The best bit for me is being able to share those dishes I really love, the ones that I grew up with."

A special charcoal oven is being installed, allowing Mai to put to use the ember-driven research she has undertaken over the past year.

The restaurant (designed by Olaver Architects) will feature an open bar and kitchen to bring diners a dose of the energy found in an Asian street market. The fit-out will feature reclaimed materials and rustic exposed walls alongside neon signage, and various dining options from communal tables and intimate banquets to bar seating.

Details on the menu are scarce at the moment, but we do know that the pair wants to reflect the vibrancy and multiculturalism of modern Vietnam.

Located on Little Bourke Street, Annam is slated to open mid-August.

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