The Resurrection is the latest venture for Jerome Borazio and Danny Rogers, which officially opened last week, paying homage to the bar that was St Jerome’s. With its veneered walls, 60s décor and retro layout, as the name suggests, the new cafe/bar in East Brunswick is an attempt at resurrecting something of the former iconic city venue, in a new space.

The Resurrection is more like St Jerome’s older sibling. No more graffiti-covered walls, scungy toilets, milk crate seating or smelly bins. Fitted out by local designers, Totally Hammered – still holds the mismatched style of St Jerome’s, but more grown-up. Nevertheless, the mature adaptation of St Jerome’s lacks something. Perhaps it's trying too hard to be too many things at once- old and new. The warmly lit, inconspicuous shop-front bar suggests a quiet, cosy feel, but compared to Caledonian Lane, space is of no concern, as The Resurrection hosts an enormous beer garden with wooden decking, outdoor heaters and an undercover bar, beckoning a large crowd.

While an expanded toasty selection is still on offer, the small breakfast menu includes fruit toast with maple hazelnut butter and toasted sourdough with avocado, melted fetta and almonds. Lunch and dinner options include a meatball wrap, chilli-bean quesadillas, a beef cheek stew, Lebanese cous cous, and for a dessert, waffles with maple syrup and ice cream.

As to be expected, there are a few signature drinks at The Resurrection, including ‘The Quick Brown Pirate’ (a coffee based cocktail with spiced rum and warm milk served on ice) and the ‘El Rogered’ cocktail (with thyme infused vodka and a hint of lemon served on ice).

While every nook of the space has been converted into something to sit on, seating feels limited, so much like St Jerome’s, you’ll need to get there early to nab one.

The Resurrection might have been better placed if it had moved on from its nostalgia of adolescence, but it’s only early days and perhaps its character is yet to blossom.

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135 Lygon Street, East Brunswick

Daily 4pm–1am (this week only)
Daily 10am–1am (as of next week)