Sister Bellas, a company owned by Jerome Borazio, was yesterday convicted and fined in the Melbourne Magistrates Court over 10 charges under the Food Standards Act.

The charges relate to a 2014 City of Melbourne inspection of Sister Bella, the Melbourne CBD bar that was then owned by Borazio’s company.

As reported by The Age, the court heard that rodent droppings were found throughout the kitchen, which had holes in the walls and floors, as well as greasy walls and equipment. Inspectors also found unsealed bags of food.

Sister Bella was closed for three weeks during inspections, and reopened in May 2014 after the hygiene problems had been addressed.

Counsel for the defence, John Larkins, told court that Borazio had relied on a management team to run Sister Bella, but “his faith was clearly misplaced”.

Borazio has been involved with a number of past and present hospitality venues in Melbourne, including 1000 £ Bend, Ponyfish Island, The Resurrection, St. Jerome’s The Hotel and Back Alley Sally. He is also the founder of St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

The Sister Bella bar was sold in November last year, and the charges do not relate to the current owners or reflect on the venue as it trades now.

On top of the fines, Borazio’s company was directed to pay $10,000 in court costs.