When we heard about Jafflechutes, the first question most of us asked was: “Is this a joke?”

Although the answer to this question, featured in the extensive and amusing Jafflechutes FAQ on their website is an emphatic “No”, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that a business predicated on throwing foodstuffs off buildings to waiting customers below was an elaborate prank on Melbourne’s foodie hipsters. So what is a jafflechute?

Just as it sounds, a jafflechute is a toasted sandwich attached to a small parachute. You pay for your jafflechute ahead of time via Paypal, journey to a predetermined located marked with an ‘x’ and wait for your jaffle to float down into your outstretched arms.

What was only intended as a one-off event has now seen two successful launches, the most recent in early September which resulted in Richmond-themed cheese and Vegemite jaffles raining down on the CBD. The airborne toasties are back for a third aerial assault this weekend with a theme of ‘almost summer’ jaffles featuring fillings like ham, pineapple and cheese; bruschetta and fetta; and chicken, chilli sauce, mushroom, spinach and cheese.

To get your own floating cheesy snack, head to their website and order online this Friday. Then follow the instructions to find your landing spot at the designated time and await your jaffle on Saturday evening.

Is this the point where Melbourne’s experience-driven food scene jumps the shark? Will we now never be satisfied until we can receive food from taco-cannons, burger-pults and gumbo-slides? Or is it simply a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun that results in a show and a toasted sandwich? The only way to find out is to sign up to Jafflechutes’ social media alerts and keep watching the skies.

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