The Kiosk d’Asporto (“takeaway” in Italian) occupies a neat 5 x 10 metres: pretty standard in terms of kiosk dimensions, but there’s nothing average about this little joint. You won’t find any Chiko Rolls here; it’s purely Italian street food, made daily and ready to go. Situated at the Williamstown Swimming & Life Saving Club, there is nothing to stop you taking your coffee to the sand.

“We’re staying away from that bacon and egg, smashed-avocado-type scenario that everyone’s doing,” says co-owner Claudio Acquaro, current owner of Pizza d’Asporto, also in Williamstown. Acquaro has been stretching dough since he was seven years old and so, together with his mate and co-owner Mark Smundin, has designed a menu that brings some southern Italian culture to the Williamstown locals.

“We really just want the kiosk to be a meeting point where you walk around, you have a chat, you meet a few people and enjoy some authentic food,” says Acquaro.

For breakfast there’s illy Coffee served with imported traditional pastries including sfoglia, a shell-shaped treat filled with sweet ricotta and candied orange peel, or bombolones (Italian doughnuts) filled with hazelnut or crema.

For lunch you’ll find echoes of what Acquaro’s mother or grandmother would cook the night before and then use to fill a panini with for lunch the next day (though arguably, a meatball panini on a bed of Italian coleslaw is a pretty gourmet leftover). There are also aranchini balls, salads, roman-style pizza slices and chips served in a cone – all suitable to take away and enjoy on the sand.

But it wouldn’t be a nod to Italy (or the beach) without some gelato. All flavours are traditional, including pistachio, vanilla and chocolate, as well as berry and citrus sorbets. You can grab a cup or cone, sure – but you can also get a gelato slider. The guys recommend vanilla as the best flavour to sandwich between the brioche bun.

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Locals and visitors can enjoy the new hangout – and so can the Friday-night Nippers, because The Kiosk d’Asporto stays open past 6pm to make sure no one goes hungry post ocean swim.

The Kiosk d’Asporto
94–98 Esplanade, Williamstown
0409 006 439

Daily 8am–5pm
(later on Fridays/weather dependent)