Guy Grossi’s Ombra Salumi Bar has found a way to serve pizza in a conveniently sized pocket of saucy goodness called a “pezzo”.

The pezzo, meaning “piece” in Italian, is made using pizza dough that has undergone a 48-hour fermentation. But the pezzo isn’t stretched out like a regular pizza, so it swells and forms a bun when it’s put in the oven. The bun is then cut in half and filled with delicious, authentic Italian flavours.

“The bread becomes an amazing vehicle to hold all of these great things, and the bread takes on all these beautiful flavours,” says Grossi.

There are four pezzi on the menu: The Original, which is filled with meatballs, tomato and provolone; the Porchetta – which has a centre of roast porchetta, sauerkraut, mustard and a spicy red sauce; the Cotoletta contains crumbed veal, Italian slaw and is covered in white sauce; and the Calamari, Grossi’s personal favourite, is mixed with zucchini and a vinegary white sauce.

Ombra is making pezzi every day for lunch only and they range from $10 to $12 each.

“It’s just a really convenient way of having it … a quick, tasty hit of beautiful food,” says Grossi.

Ombra Salumi Bar
76 Bourke Street, Melbourne
(03) 9639 1927