On National Macaron Day in March, French chef Francois Payard introduced New York to the macaron donut. It was a traditional French macaron shaped like an American doughnut.

A new collaboration by Dessert Parlour and Macaron Sisters brings its take on the “macaronut” to Melbourne, combining the classic macaron-shell top with a baked doughnut bottom and piping it with fillings.

The chefs will be selling three flavours at a one-day pop-up event in Port Melbourne at the newly furnished Long Story Short Café (which just moved from its original location in Richmond).

Up for grabs on the day is chocolate salted caramel: a chocolate macaron shell on a soft chocolate doughnut, filled with chocolate ganache and drizzled with salted caramel. Also available is chocolate raspberry: a vanilla macaron shell on a white-chocolate and raspberry doughnut, filled with fresh raspberries and raspberry ganache. There will also be a third matcha-flavoured macaronut.

The pop-up will run from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday June 12 at Long Story Short Café, 40 Crockford Street, Port Melbourne.

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