When Raph Rashid came out with the Beatbox burger in 2009, he had one thing on his mind: filling your stomach.

Since then, the man behind Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck and All Day Donuts has been experimenting to create something more refined – something halfway between the plain, everyday burger (if such a thing exists) and a more decadent once-a-month-type job.

“I’ve found it really hard,” Rashid says of his struggle to find buns with the right texture and absorbency, and mince with the exact fat content he wants. So he’s brought both processes in-house, echoing Brother Burger’s two outlets, which bake buns daily, and Grand Trailer Park Taverna, which minces its own beef.

Rashid’s equivalent is simply named, “Cheeseburger”. It just hit the menu at Juanita Peaches, the night-time incarnation of All Day Donuts, which, until now, specialised in fried chicken.

It starts with a 120-gram, hand-formed patty made with brisket, chuck and hanger steak from grass-fed Victorian cows. That’s seasoned with salt, pepper and coffee, a blasphemous idea among burger purists. Then there’s confit shallots, American cheese, dill pickles and mustard mayo. Lettuce, tomato and jalapeno are all optional extras.

The all-important bun is an interesting one: mashed potato is added to the dough to give it a smooth, spongy texture post-baking. Right before serving, it’s steamed, rather than toasted or grilled. So you can forget juices running down your arms; this bun holds together, soaking up every bit of juice.

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Juanita Peaches
12 Edward Street, Brunswick
(03) 8060 6664

Thu to Sat 5pm‒10pm