Every week, Max Shatkhin, the owner of Brighton gelateria Little Sky Gelato, does a “new flavour Friday” ice-cream. This week we’ve got the scoop on a special collab: Shatkhin has teamed up with south-side sourdough baker and babka maven Maaryasha Werdiger to create a limited-edition babka flavour.

The vanilla gelato base is made with Heilala Vanilla (sustainably sourced and produced in Tonga) and milk from Schulz Organic Dairy, and dotted with chocolate nibs from Ratio Cocoa and tiny, crunchy pieces of Werdiger’s rich babka.

It’s sort of an elevated cookies and cream, but with a yeasty chocolate-cake twist. You can get it in a take-home tub, a compostable cup, or, better yet, one of the housemade waffle cones. (The smell inside the shop is pretty heavenly.)

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This is a small batch, so get in soon if you want to try it – chances are it’ll only last a couple of weeks.

Little Sky Gelato is at 332 Bay Street, Brighton and open from 1pm to 6pm Thursday to Sunday.