With the upsurge in apartment living, growing one’s own vegetables and flowers isn’t quite as simple as it once was. For those without backyards and balconies, this conundrum – with the collective effort of Fed Square and Pop Up Patch duo Mat Pember and Fabian Capomolla – is being addressed.

Taking a formerly disused car parking space and filling it with recycled apple crates (176 to be precise), the Fed Square Pop Up Patch is giving inner city dwellers a little spot of green to call their own. Offering seasonal growing guides and a hands-on (or off) approach to the patches, there’s a lot to love about this initiative.

“It’s definitely something that people are starting to look towards,” says Pember. “A lot of restaurants in nearby areas have signed up and while they might not be able to completely subsidise their menu from the plots, I think it’s also about spreading the message and making people think about where their food is coming from.”

With MoVida, The Meatball & Wine Bar and Taxi Dining Room among culinary masses beginning to take up spaces, there’s a strong community spirit to the project. “Some people come in once a day just on the way home from work, others come in before and after and sometimes people can only get here every second day, so we’ll water it for them when they can’t get down,” says Pember. “Even if you’re not a natural gardener, that’s nothing to be concerned about.”

With plans for regular workshops and demonstrations already in the works, it seems this great little initiative will make gardeners out of city dwellers sooner rather than later.

Crates at the Fed Square Pop Up Patch are still available to purchase on a 12-month subscription basis. See www.popuppatch.com for further information.

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