It’s not easy to photograph ice-cream, you see it melts, especially under lights, it’s easier just to use the ingredients.

London-based photographer Nadav Kander, as has taking up this challenge, with Melbourne made ice-cream Connoisseur as his subject. Now you maybe think this is just a smart bit of arty advertising, and maybe it is, but these images are still pretty amazing nonetheless.

Renowned stills photographer, Kander has collaborated with British set designer Hana Al Sayed, turning the ice-cream’s ingredients into visually stunning art installations.

The flavours forming the basis of the installations are: Classic Vanilla featuring Madagascan Vanilla Beans strung together to create a hanging wall-like sculpture; Caramel Honey Macadamia, featuring a teetering block of macadamia nuts, and precariously placed honey; and Café Grande, an arrangement of mountains of coffee beans and chocolate coated almonds along side rich cream and Grand Marnier sauce hanging from the ceiling.

Who ever said don’t play with your food?