Covering an old ’70s caravan with hand-painted sprinkles and then using it to sell ice-cream cookie sandwiches hardly sounds ordinary. But for Ellie Marin, a seasoned food-truck owner serving up mobile meals all over Melbourne, all this is typical of another day at the office.

Founder of Cornutopia, a food truck peddling Mexican fare, this summer sees Marin add My Two Mums to her repertoire. Serving an array of flavoured ice cream sandwiched between two cookies, My Two Mums will surely become a staple for the summer months ahead.

This is going to be about mixing and matching – pick from red velvet, cardamom and pistachio or choc-chip cookies and pair it with rock-salt caramel, jaffa or green-tea ice cream to make your own sandwich. Drinks include old-school creaming soda and ginger-beer spiders.

The ingredients used are free range and organic where possible, with all cookies baked by just two local bakers, one of which originally connected with Marin as a Cornutopia customer.

The name is a tribute to Marin’s parents. “I always come up with my best ideas while I’m sitting on their couch. It’s the first food truck I know of selling ice-cream sandwiches in Australia.”

If you’re worried about what will happen to My Two Mums once the heat subsides come March, don’t be.

“This is a sweet truck that won’t just be seasonal,” says Marin. “When it gets cooler we’ll diversify with hot chocolate, warm chocolate fudge and more ice cream!”

My Two Mums will be open for business from Wednesday December 10 to December 13 at Preston Markets (on the corner of Cramer and Murray Street). Keep an eye on its travels on its Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

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