Just like the members of Bill Cosby’s ’80s TV family the Huxtables, Huxtaburger’s burgers are a pretty tight-knit group. But just as the best TV shows (including the ones with an overabundance of cable-knit sweaters) need to add new characters from time to time, so do the best burger joints.

With that in mind, Huxtaburger are introducing Clair, their new chicken burger. Launching next week (next Tuesday September 9, to be exact), Clair is a big ole mess of southern fried chicken, slaw and jalapeno mayo. She also comes in a junior version with regular mayo that’s a little more friendly for the kids.

The Clair chicken burger will be available at all three Huxtaburger locations (Collingwood, Prahran and CBD) from September 9.


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