We’ve been covering food news around Melbourne for more than five years now, and there are a couple of things we’ve learned from you guys in that time. One, you like burgers. A lot. Two, almost more than you like burgers, you like burgers that won’t be around long.

Exhibit A.

If you’ve worked your way through the Huxtaburger menu several times over, you should know that from tomorrow (Thursday March 26), it is adding a new burger to the menu. The burger will be available until Sunday March 29, when it will disappear forever more, leaving you to dream of it longingly, like Homer and his Ribwich.

The fleeting addition is a Tonkatsu Burger, featuring crumbed pork loin, apple and fennel coleslaw with “generous” amounts of Tonkatsu mayonnaise. The item is a nod to PorkFest, an annual celebration of Australian pork, which is happening now.

It’s only available in the Collingwood store, so don’t rock up to Prahran or CBD or there’ll be tears.

Huxtaburger Collingwood
106 Smith Street, Collingwood