The ever-growing Huxtable/Huxtaburger brand is further extending its reach with a pop-up at The John Curtin Hotel in Carlton.

Daniel Wilson – who is opening the new location with his business partners Dante Ruaine and Jeff Wong – says the decision to open a burger satellite at the Lygon Street pub was an easy one, and something that just fell into their laps.

“It’s a cool old pub with heaps of character and a band room upstairs, but I don’t think the food was really working out. So the owner contacted us and said, ‘How about you do the food, and we’ll do the drinks?’”

The trio’s upcoming Huxtaburger outlet in Hawthorn has been pushed back to next year due to building issues, making the call to do a pop-up even easier.

“We were really amping up for Hawthorn, but the good thing about a pop-up is we literally just walk in and start cooking. It doesn’t need the capital or have the risk of a proper restaurant.”

Huxtaburger at The Curtin will feature all the Huxtaburger favourites (including the just-launched Clair burger) minus the kids’ burgers (there are less kids hanging around at pubs), and will tap into the busy university and corporate crowds around Carlton and the CBD.

As for the pop-up’s duration, the arrangement sounds as casual as the project’s origins.

“The owner’s told us to give it four-to-six months, and then if we wanna stay, we can stay, if we wanna go, we can go.”

The Huxtaburger residency at The John Curtin Hotel is launching on October 1.

The John Curtin Hotel
29 Lygon Street, Carlton
(03) 9663 6350

This article was updated on October 1.