Collingwood’s Smith Street has certainly earned its stripes as Melbourne’s latest hot-to-trot eating strip. But nestled between its innovative eateries (particularly up the Gertrude Street end) lies an alarming amount of kebab shops. And the team at Huxtable – Dante Ruaini, Jeff Wong and Daniel Wilson – decided that punters needed an alternative to the doner as a fast-food snack option.

So when two adjoining shop fronts opposite Huxtable came up for rent, the boys jumped at the chance to open a kebab shop alternative – Huxtaburger, a takeaway that sells quality burgers, chips and beer. Three weeks since the doors opened, what was once a pipedream is already proving itself to be a hit with the locals.

The focus here is on the ingredients, but predominantly serving takeaway, the boys didn’t want to go too far down the gourmet path. “But we do like our buns [brioche] and our patties are made from grass-fed Wagyu beef,” assures Ruaini.

They were also aware of the plethora of burgers on offer at the many pubs nestled in the streets of Fitzroy and Collingwood, but felt they could fill a gap in the market for a smaller-sized serving of a burger and chips that leaves customers feeling full, but not guilty.

“We are largely a takeaway, so we didn’t want our burger and chips to be gigantic. People should be able to finish what they order and enjoy every last mouthful,” says Ruaini.

The American-style burgers, with their sweet buns, thin and tender beef patties and smear of mustard and mayo are complemented with slices of ripe tomatoes and – our favourite – a pickle. Add a cup of crinkle-cut chips and a can (yes, a can) of beer and you’ve got the perfect summer dinner or lunch. Check out their website for the full selection of burgers and beers.

106 Smith Street, Collingwood

Tue to Sat 11.30am–11pm