There’s something about The Hungry Girls – they like to cook. And so comes the third chapter of this labour of love from three friends, The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook Volume 3. This new instalment bring together a small selection of their favourites recipes – put together by Rachel Pitts who conceives the recipes, Katherine Bird on illustration and design and Leah Holscher the photography – is lined with cloth and is hand-sewn, making it feel like those hungry girls made it just for you.

The third edition takes a lot of inspiration from Pitts’ recent overseas trip. She has taken dishes from Laos and China and brought them together with a range of Middle Eastern and Italian influences to deliver us 12 new recipes.

For a healthy weeknight dinner, try the Quick Chinese Noodles, which combines whole-wheat noodles, vegetables and an easy soy dressing. Or for a little bit of comfort food, try the Chicken and Potato Curry From Laos. The recipes are simple and easy to throw together, with dishes like homemade Italian sausage pizza, cauliflower and fava bean soup, and squid, orange and rosemary pasta.

The book closes with an easy dessert for lemon lovers, the Lemon Curd Cake, which Pitts found in a small church recipe book.

Along with the food, this book will take you on a journey with its delicate illustrations and warm photography. You will find yourself wanting to cook your way through the story.

The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook Volume 3 is available now $35.