There’s a lot to be said about the humble waiter. They deliver us coffee in the morning to ease us into the day, feed us lunch to get us through the afternoon, then serve us dinner at the end of it all. They are a most crucial cog in the machine that is the food and drink industry and work hard at this, but make it look effortless.

An unsung hero for a long time, the rise of food culture has elevated the waiter’s position from simply a server to that of a more influential role and gatekeeper to the food from the kitchen. They are the ones who offer you a seat, hang your jacket and pour your water. Your waiter may be as familiar to you as an old friend and know the way you like your eggs and coffee. They are the epitome of hospitality and in being so, look professional and cool.

Here are a few waiters around town we shot in action, looking good during service.

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