The problem with traditional degustations is they can’t be done in trackpants. As a general rule. Herein lies the beauty of home-delivered meals: one can curate a multi-course dinner to be enjoyed from the depths of your couch.

Deliveroo has taken this concept one step further with the launch of its new Deliveroo Editions service. For a short time only you can have dishes from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants home-delivered on the same order.

In this adventurous spirit, we’ve teamed up with Deliveroo to pull together our own specialised ’Choose Your Own Adventure’ menu. It features highlights from 8bit, Baby Pizza, Kong, Messina, Up in Smoke, and newcomers from the team behind Chin Chin and Hawker Hall, DiDi Dumpling and Yubi. You can order from just the one venue, or for a limited time you can combine as many options as you like. See the full range of menu options here.

To get you started with building your own menu, we’ve curated four ideal menus for different occasions, each drawn from the available range able to be realised with the mere swipe of a digit.

The Solo Hangover Snack Pack ($36.50)
Sometimes you’re just not fit to appear in public. A night at The Beaufort (or an early morning at Heartbreaker) will usually take you out of circulation for the next 22 hours. But man cannot live on dried tarragon and cordial alone. You need carbs.

This expertly-tailored solo package merges menu items from the Footscray barbeque kings at Up in Smoke with kindred spirit 8bit, and its unbeatable burger-led fare. From Up In Smoke, it’s the satisfying, familiar embrace of Mac n’ Cheese and Burnt End Brisket Poutine, paired with 8bit’s deeply satisfying 8bit with Cheese burger, featuring beef, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, ketchup, and 8bit Sauce. Once this arrives at the door you’ll be back on your feet – or happily back in bed with burnt vanilla Almond Schwarzenegger gelato from Messina – in no time.

The Solo Hangover Snackpack
1 x Mac n’ Cheese from Up in Smoke
1 x Burnt End Brisket Poutine from Up in Smoke
1 x 8bit with cheese burger from 8bit
1 x Almond Schwarzenegger from Messina

The Hot Dinner for Two ($60.50)
Honestly, what’s really that romantic about eating in a roomful of strangers? With some Al Green on the turntable, locally-foraged neighbourhood flowers scattered about, and the dimmer switch way down low, the mood’s better at home.

For this menu we’ve combined dishes from two newcomers from the creators of Hawker Hall and Chin Chin: DiDi Dumpling, the “little brother” to Hawker Hall, and Yubi. The latter kicks this menu off with its charred edamame with chilli salt, followed by DiDi’s, shrimp and crab net spring rolls. That’s an ideal appetiser for two styles of DiDi Dumplings to dip in chilli sauce and share – pan-fried pork, and pork and water chestnut. After all that heat you’ll need a cooling palate cleanser (before things ramp up again). We’ve added in two ice-creams from Messina – the Eat Your Heart Out, featuring strawberry gelato and blackberry gel covered in red chocolate dip and freeze dried rasberries. How romantic.

The Hot Dinner for Two
1 x Charred Edamame with Chilli Salt from Yubi
1 x Shrimp and Crab Net Spring Rolls from DiDi Dumpling
1 x Pork and Water Chestnut Dumplings (with Chilli Sauce) from DiDi Dumpling
1 x Pan-fried pork dumpling from DiDi Dumpling (with chilli sauce)
2 x Eat Your Heart Out ice-creams from Messina

The Laid Back Feast For Four ($145.50)
Getting friends together for a Twin Peaks marathon? An epic game of sportsball, perhaps? No need to spend hours arranging your mise en place. Just lay out the plates, press the order on your phone and wait for the doorbell to ring.

Break the ice with a trio of moreish starters that also serves as a mini-tour of some of Melbourne’s best: a serve of charred broccoli from Up in Smoke – accompanied with smoked almonds, yellow beets and a hint of chèvre; two serves of barbeque corn from Kong; and two serves of beer-battered fries from 8bit will get at least the tastebuds talking.

If you’re catering for a bigger group, you can’t go wrong with pizza – the most democratic of dishes. Here, Richmond’s Baby provides: a San Daniele Prosciutto pizza and a Margherita Pizza covers the essentials; or a serve of gnocchi di patate alla zucca and one of rigatoni al ragu will satisfy even the pizza averse. And to finish? Two Milo High Club ice-creams and two Wessina Strawberry bars from Messina to share.

The Laid Back Feast For Four
1 x San Daniele Prosciutto Pizza from Baby
1 x Margherita Pizza from Baby
1 x Gnocchi di patate alla zucca from Baby
1 x Rigatoni al Ragu from Baby
2 x BBQ Corn from Kong
2 x beer-battered fries from 8 Bit
1 x Charred Broccoli from Up in Smoke
2 x Milo High Club ice-creams and 2 x Wessina Strawberry bars from Messina

The Vegetarian for Two ($71)
Melbourne’s restaurant scene outright embraces its vegetarian clientele – and the city’s delivery services are no different. While this menu is specially designed ‘for vegetarians’, we encourage all omnivores to eat herbivorously – an easy ask with dishes this good.

Up in Smoke offers its tortilla chips to scoop up its smoked spicy pumpkin hummus, before the hero of the meal, two PB (peanut butter)-covered salt and pepper tofu buns from Kong. Long-time vegetarians will already be familiar with its allure, but when peanut butter is paired with savoury tofu and spicy burn chilli mayo, its elevated far beyond the realms of mere condiment.

Pair this with 8bit’s 1-Up Mushroom Burger and side-serves of Kong’s chargrilled barbeque corn; and broccoli, covered in rice puffs and lathered in creamy sesame mayonnaise. Finish with the Wessina Mango sorbet and coconut chantilly bar, and the burnt vanilla gelato Almond Schwarzenegger ice-cream from Messina.

The Vegetarian for Two
1 x Smoked Spicy Pumpkin Hummus from Up in Smoke
2 x PB Salt and Pepper Tofu Buns from Kong
1 x 1-Up Mushroom Burger from 8-Bit
1 x BBQ Corn from Kong
1 x Broccoli from Kong
1 x Wessina Mango bar and 1 x Almond Schwarzenegger from Messina

See the full menu options for Deliveroo and Broadsheet’s new Curate Your Own Adventure menu below:

8 Bit
1 Up Mushroom Burger
8bit with Cheese Burger
Golden Axe Burger
8bit Dog
Beer Battered Fries
Loaded Fries

Baby Pizza
San Daniele Prosciutto Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Rigatoni Al Ragu
Polenta Chips
Lasagna Alla Bolognese
Caprese di Bufala
Gnocchi di Patate Alla Zucca

DiDi Dumpling
Shrimp & Crab Net Spring Rolls
Pork & Water Chestnut Steamed Dumplings
Vegetarian Net Spring Roll
Prawn and Ginger Fried Dumpling
Prawn Hargow
Pan Fried Pork Dumplings
Chilli Sauce (Every dumpling and spring roll comes with a choice of six sauces.)

Ebi Burger
Soft Shell Crab Bun
PB Salt & Pepper Tofu Bun
Fried Rice

The Milo High Club
Eat Your Heart Out
Wessina Mango
Wessina Strawberry
Almond Schwarzenegger

Up in Smoke
Mac n’ Cheese
Charred Broccoli
Smoked Spicy Hummus
Pulled Pork
Burnt End Brisket Poutine
Apple and Dill Slaw

Charred Edamame with Chilli Salt
Katsu Chicken Bento Box
Crab Roll
Kingfish Hand Roll
Pork Tonkatsu
All Veg Rice Bowl
Salmon Poke Bowl

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Deliveroo Editions. Suburbs you can order the Deliveroo Editions x Broadsheet ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ menu from are Toorak, Armadale, St Kilda, Balaclava, Albert Park, South Yarra, Windsor, and Prahran.