It’s amazing just how crazy people go for hot cross buns around Easter. In fact, these days, the dense little fruit buns start appearing in shops and bakeries as early as January. Bakers at Baker D. Chirico, however, have waited until April to unveil their festive hot-cross-bun pop-up shop (open for three weeks) on Crossley Street in the city.

“People go crazy for them,” says Allona Goren, baker Daniel Chirico’s partner. “We are known to clock records on the Thursday before Good Friday, selling anywhere between three and four thousand of them.”

Always looking to have fun when it’s time to get festive, it’s not the first time Baker D. has done a pop-up store. There was a bakery pop-up at the Carlton premises before it opened in 2012, and a Christmas-themed space, has also popped up in Crossley Street before. “We love what this street represents and enjoy the clientele from the CBD (their bricks-and-mortar stores are in St Kilda and Carlton). We also love collaborating with friends from Perks and Mini –Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey – to create a unique space to serve our product from,” Goren says of the Crossley street pop-up where the P.A.M. duo have pasted the interior with crazy, bunny wallpaper.

Though the pop-up is primarily about Baker D.’s famous spiced-sourdough hot cross buns, there will also be packaged confectionery items, a small selection of bread products and a daily-special pastry or tart. Customers will need to follow the pop-up on instagram to find out what the specials are (@hcb_pop_by_baker_dc), which could range from the bakery’s delicious Viennoiserie products to its brie ficelles.

Buns sell for $3.30 each or $19.00 per 1/2 dozen and $38.00 for a dozen. Pick up a coffee at Traveller and head down to Baker D. for a bun.

Baker D Chirico Hot Cross Bun Pop-Up
24 Crossley Street, Melbourne

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