Picture this: you’re home on a Saturday night having a spontaneous party with friends. It’s still early, but everyone’s hungry and you’re running out of drinks. Things are getting desperate. From September 1, there will be an easy and popular solution: Homeslice.

The no-frills pizza shop opened on Sunday, with a Moretti electric oven and an 11-item menu. It’s the latest venture from Daragh Kan and Myles Munro (co-owners of Mr Burger, Fancy Hank’s) and friend Hugh Hindle (co-owner at Tall Timber).

Food and alcohol delivery ($5 flat rate) might not be available just yet, but it’s worth dropping by and settling onto one of the venue’s paint-splattered stools to enjoy a crisp pizza from chef Antony Campbell (ex-chef at Enoteca Sileno). The thin, Roman-style bases are blistered just the right amount, giving each bite a good charcoal backbone alongside the cheese and tomato.

"Sometimes menus are just too big and you get pizzas which are all very similar,” Kan says. “We just tried to strip it back to the basics. We wanted pizzas to suit pretty much everybody, without needing 30 on the menu."

The 12-inch wheels thus range from simple classics (margherita) to meaty (salami with olives and capers) to veggie-heavy (pumpkin with goat’s cheese; eggplant with pesto) to all-out (pork cheek, brussels sprouts, parmesan). If you feel the need for something lighter, grab a white-cabbage salad, balsamic-glazed figs or an antipasto platter.

Just don’t expect anything to arrive with San Marzano tomatoes on top. Apart from the prosciutto, everything is local. The shop’s organic olive oil is sourced from Mount Zero, while most of the meats come from Salumi Australia, a smallgoods company founded by a Sardinian.

This mostly local approach carries over to the small booze list – Two Birds Sunset Ale, Mountain Goat Steam Ale, Peroni Red, plus one red and one white wine. If a delivery of this good stuff can’t rescue your party, then probably nothing will.

321 Lennox Street, Richmond
(03) 9429 3009

Mon to Thu 5pm–9pm
Fri to Sun 12pm–9pm