Having a local barista is very much like having another husband (albeit one that is completely agreeable and a great listener).

Located in a more demure pocket of Malvern Road (without the parking battle), new cafe Husband has arrived to the delight of South Yarra residents.

Opened just under two months ago by Donovan O’Connell (ex Teaspoon), this is a place where locals can come for a coffee, fresh and uncomplicated food and a chat – just like you would with your other half.

This new local offers a unique blend of coffee from eco friendly company Collaborative Coffee started by Ben Whittaker (ex Allpress Espresso). Ben has commissioned a local roaster to create this distinctive ‘house blend’. Additional premium blends and single origin beans developed by local specialty roasters are also part of the Collaborative Coffee selection and Husband is the first cafe to offer it.

Husband has big plans for the future and they don’t include a mortgage and three kids. Preparations are already in place for a full kitchen, liquor license and an outdoor dining area but for now, delicious deliveries of baguettes, salads, wraps and pastries arrive daily.

A full arsenal of biscuits and cakes is on display and cool refreshments come in the form of juices, iced teas and lemonades. Adding to this, a select array of quality produce is available to take home, making Husband the perfect place to grab last-minute sweets and condiments.

Morning, midday or afternoon, this Husband is there for you.

377 Malvern Road, South Yarra

Mon–Sat 8am–5pm
Sun 9am-2pm