Fare from the Northern Hemisphere is cuckolding the humble Aussie pie, and the latest addition to Melbourne’s obsession takes the form of new bayside bar and taqueria Radio Mexico.

The eatery is satisfying our persistent cravings for tequila, tacos and hot sauce with a simple, well-priced menu in the heart of backpacker town.

“We really love to feed people in a casual environment with good quality food and friendly service,” says Adele Arkell, who started Radio Mexico with business partner of 15 years, Jackie Bega.

Steering the ship next door at Galleon, the pair’s past ventures include Las Chicas and Leroy's, and they’ve brought some of their trusted crew to man the dock at Radio Mexico.

“Jack discovered the joys of Mexican food as a 25-year-old on the beaches in Mexico,” says Arkelle. “For me it was a rice and beans experience in NYC about eight years ago. The idea of doing a Mexican place waxed and waned throughout that time until recently when the right combination of circumstances came together.”

The pair have hit the mark by marrying a food truck concept with a more extensive menu in a kitchen that looks like a caravan. The bubble shaped beast overlooks a little raised courtyard. Inside, clashing textures, colours and lighting mimic perfectly an experience of a Central American bar, with a Melburnian’s flair.

While the full menu is still on its way, Arkell hopes to have it up and running by the weekend. It will include the likes of hanger steak or saltbush lamb tacos, rockling ceviche and goats milk caramel with toasted coconut ice-cream for dessert. In the meantime, we suggest you order the chilaquiles: deep-fried tortilla chips with sour cream, avocado and homemade salsa.

As a middle ground between Mamasita and the Taco Truck, Radio Mexico’s filled a tiny gap in the Melbourne foodie scene with its reasonably priced, southside fare and ‘hora feliz’ from 4pm until 6pm.

Radio Mexico
11–13 Carlisle Street, St Kilda
(03) 9534 9990
No bookings

Tues to Sun 4pm–late

(With plans to extend to:
Mon to Fri 3pm–late
Sat & Sun noon–late)